I am an enthusiastic, experienced and well stocked sound recordist, who is dedicated to getting the best possible sound, no matter the job, weather or location.

Having my own transport, I am more than happy to travel for work, including working abroad – with wideband wireless equipment that allows me to operate in a wide variety of places without necessarily needing to rent gear in.

PSC Sound Recordist

When working those jobs that require just the one person, I come prepared to work all day long, while taking up as little space as possible, to enable for a more free flowing shoot without being tethered too much to a unit base or having to carry too much kit around.

With experience working on factual entertainment, presenter led documentaries, observational documentaries, TV promos, corporate content and more, I can bring experience and a good head for problem solving to your shoot.

Production Sound Mixing

Drama, more often than not, requires that extra bit of kit than PSC work, so whenever possible I’ll end up cart based, for that extra wireless range and flexibility with regards to microphone choices, monitoring and more.

However, when locations call for it, I can easily break down back into the bag, quickly, and most importantly, without a loss in quality.

Besides myself, I work with a range of talented boom ops and assistants, who are all equally determined and dedicated to the job at hand. They are a vital part of achieving the best sound possible on set.

So feel free to get in touch and see what I could bring to your production!

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