Kit List


Sound Devices 888, Sound Devices 664

Radio Mics

8 channels of wireless, inlcuding 2x wireless booms. 4x Lectrosonics, 2x Wisycom and 2x Audio Ltd A10’s. All with Sanken Cos-11 Lavs.


Schoeps CMC6MK41, Sennheiser MKH70, Sennheiser 8060


2x Tentacle Timecode Boxes. Cables for all major cameras.

Camera Hops

Lectrosonics 411A for broadcast quality hop to camera and 2x Sennheiser G2/G1’s and Sony UWP-D for mix scratch track to camera.


5 IEM’s/IFB’s available. Mix of Sennheiser and LD Systems. Sony over ear headphones. In ear headphones available upon request.


SoundCart Maverick Cart, Panamic/Ambient boom poles, mic/c-stands, rubber backed carpets, sound blankets, boom box.

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