Kit List


Main – Sound Devices 664

Backup/Others – Zoom F8, Zoom H6n


I have the following microphones available for use on the boom or as plant mics – Schoeps CMC6/MK41, 3x Sennheiser MKH70 Shotgun Microphones, Sennheiser MKH 8060 Shotgun Microphone and aSennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Microphone

Various other microphones traditionally used for recording music are also available as and when needed.


Lectrosonics make up the bulk of the wireless/radio mics, also using Micron and Wisycom, all with Sanken Cos-11’s, DPA 4061’s or Tram Tr50’s. Wireless booms are also available. This is combined with an Audio Ltd RF distribution unit, Betso Bowties for bag work and Betso Sharkies for cart based work.

IEM’s are handled via a Sennheiser G1/G2 system, with 4 units available alongside Sony headphones.

Camera hops are available through Sennheiser G2’s or Sony UWP’s. Up to 3 units are available.

All wireless systems operate on Lectrosonics block B1, Ch.38 and Ch.70


Timecode is provided via Tentacle Timecode Systems, with up to 3 units available. Cables are available for all major cameras.


Panamic and Ambient Boom Poles, with cabled and un-cabled options

Rycote Windshields and mounts

Sound Mats/Carpets

Van Damne XLR Cables

RF Explorer

Various Microphone Stands and arms

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